Today is Knight Ulpa Gunaka.He is an Urugal Knight, of the Mercenary Kings. Urugal ride Golems made of the bones of things that once lived.http://golemarcana.com/

It’s Golem Arcana Wednesday!Here is a portrait Gudanna Dominion Golem Knight. Check out the game here:www.golemarcana.com 


It’s been a couple years since I’ve updated things. New portfolio coming soon, as well as a new blog.

Beautiful painting by my co-worker and friend Jenn Tran! An Ancient One for Golem Arcana.

Hey everyone I’m going to be doing a new thing!Every Wednesday I’ll upload a recently released Golem Arcana portrait! Golem Arcana is the game I’ve been busting my posterior on for the last, geez, months upon months. But It’s finally out and about and ready to be seen! Check it out here:http://golemarcana.com/

Because sometimes… You just need to draw a knight wearing velour.

Aztec SacrificeThat was today’s sketch Thursdays topic. Obviously it’s loosely Aztec, if any Aztec theme at all.  It was amazing to think of a whole bunch of comps. I only had 45 minutes originally so I probably chose the worse one, but I cleaned this sketch up a bit to hopefully fix it!


I really wish more people knew about Shadowrun Returns, because a lot of it actually meets all the things that they desire in the current game market.

Set in the universe of the tabletop RPG Shadowrun, it’s a very fun RPG in a world where cyberpunk sci-fi and traditional fantasy fiction clash and…

Reblogging because I think more people need to know about this! I also may have worked on this game… I’m so proud of this team! The only thing I don’t agree with is the graphics part ;p