"Being an artist for videogames must be an easy and fun job! You just get to paint all day!"
-Someone messaging me

"It IS fun, but it’s not really easy. It takes years and years of practice, refinement and concentration and that’s just for technique, not to mention the years and years of studying all manners of things. As an artist you have to have knowledge in pretty much all known occupations, designer, architect, biologist, scientist, historian, blacksmith… zoologist, everythingologist…

So in short, yes its fun, but it’s definitely not easy “

"  - Me probably being too snarky, yet again. D:

Fish Knight! Quick paint for the evening. Overall about 3 hours. 

So I elaborated on my last piece quite a bit. Sketching and trying to find the image has been taking a lot of time but I’m getting there. 

Emperor sketch for the evening!The office was talking about Dune, I was inspired! :D 

Grotesque Show,Quick sketch for tonight since its been so long since I’ve posted! I’m still around!

Goblin Shaman sketch I did over lunch today.